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Flexible Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Fabrication rooms in semiconductor facilities require close monitoring of humidity.  Often getting the humidity reading in the middle of the room is ideal, close to the wafer machine. 

Flexible Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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When this is required, consider the flexible humidity probe for the HTZ Humidity and Temperature Transmitter. The flexible sensor is an armored cable up to 10 feet long that can be mounted through the ceiling through a 1” NPT coupling and adjusted downward to the desired measuring point. The HART programmable HTZ has a remote display and has two analog outputs that can be programmed to output humidity, temperature or dew point.

Key Attributes:

  • Versatile flexible humidity sensor design
  • +/- .75% humidity measurement
  • HART programmable with two outputs and local display

Extended Applications Semiconductor & Microelectronics