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Connecting HMI to Tank Gauge Sensors

Problem: We have an existing gauging system in our tank farm consisting of a temperature transmitter and a level transmitter for each tank with a 4-20mA connection to a DCS. We are planning to modify the system to include an HMI in a new location for a tank gauging system to monitor 250 tanks. How can we get the information from our existing sensors to the new HMI separately from the DCS?

Connecting HMI to Tank Gauge Sensors Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: The HCS HART® Concentrator System will allow you to interface your HART signals directly with MODBUS-based control systems such as an HMI. This will allow you to connect a new HMI without disturbing an existing DCS. If the level and temperature is connected via a HART loop to the DCS, you will need to have two HCS units connected to each loop in order for the system to work.

Model Number Example
HCS / HART / MB485 / 9-30DC [DIN]