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The WORM Adds Value Beyond Flexibility

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The original goal when creating the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor was to provide a sensor that could be cut in the field to accommodate various size wells and assemblies. Experience has proven this design helps with other obstacles in the field:

•Dirt, mineral deposits, corrosion scaling and other debris accumulates on the inside of the wells over time.

When you start with a 0.25” O.D. sensor and a 0.26” I.D. well, this added debris makes it very difficult to get sensors in and out of the wells. The WORM has an O.D. of 0.237”, which gives it an advantage to get past the debris to achieve an accurate reading.
•Horizontally-installed wells have a tendency to sag with time and temperature. This means removing and reinserting a rigid sensor can present challenges. The flexible design of the WORM makes installing replacement sensors easier.
•The solid sheath portion of the WORM is only about 1.5” long, which is much shorter than traditional solid sheath sensors. This gives the WORM advantages in applications where measurement speed is critical. The WORM is 30 percent faster than traditional solid sheath sensors, where the long solid sheath serves as a heat sink that sucks heat away from the hot tip of the sensor. The thermal differences have to stabilize before the tip of the long solid sheath can achieve an accurate process temperature reading. That same effect is eliminated in the WORM since the sheath is only 1.5” long and always at the tip of the well.
•With the smaller mass of the WORM sensor, you also gain more durability in high vibration applications versus standard sensors.
•Replacing an old, straight sensor is easy and fast with the WORM sensor. The WORM’s design allows the user to install and replace an older straight sensor by going through the enclosure. During installation, the WORM bends around and through the top or face of the enclosure. It slides through the enclosure’s entry port and snaps into place without removal of the enclosure, rigid conduit, connection head or any assembly components.

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