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The IPX2: A Versatile I/P Converter

IPX2 fr1 ga1 exipThe new IPX2 video shows how the Current-to-Pressure (I/P) transmitter’s removable electronics reduces production interruptions caused by liquid slugs entering the supply line or the transmitter itself. But the removable electronics is just one key feature of this product. Here’s a look at some other product features of the IPX2:

  • Explosion-Proof and Intrinsically-Safe Certifications:The IPX2 carries certifications for installation in Class 1, Div 1, and Zone0/1 areas, making it a popular choice for oil and gas applications in hazardous settings.
  • Approved for Use with Natural Gas:Special design, construction and materials allow the model IPX2 with the -NG1 or -NG2 option to be used with natural gas as its pneumatic supply (commonly referred to as sweet gas consisting of up to 20ppm of H2S).
  • Multiple Input and Output Ranges: The IPX2features 4-20mA or split range inputs and 22 direct and reverse output ranges including a standard switch-selectable reverse output.
  • Low Air Consumption and High Output Volume: The IPX2outputs as much as 300SCFH and consumes as little as 0.08SCFM.
  • Clog Resistant Filtered Nozzle and Orifice:A larger orifice, combined with an easily replaceable internal filter protects against clogging caused by debris.
  • Accurate and stable:Featuring exceptional ±0.25% of span accuracy and six-month stability, they are ideal for precise applications in difficult to access locations.

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