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Temperature Q&A with J.R. Madden: Wire-Wound Sensor Elements for Extreme Temperatures

JR Senior Applications Engineer J. R. Madden has extensive experience with all things relating to temperature. In this recurring feature, he'll address common customer issues and Moore Industries' solutions.

Q: Do I need to order anything differently if I’m measuring cryogenic temperatures?

A: When measuring temperatures below -10°F, readings are more stable and accurate when a wire-wound RTD element is used. Typical thin-film RTD elements do not perform well at these extreme temperatures.

Q: What about measuring temperatures above 850°F with an RTD? Should I specify a thin-film or wire-wound RTD element?

A: When using RTDs to measure temperatures above 850°F, we recommend using a wire-wound RTD element that is specially built to handle these high temperatures. Many thin-film RTD elements will experience high failure rates at these temperatures.  

If you require an RTD sensor for these temperature extremes, order a wire-wound (-WW option) element to ensure the best sensor performance and longevity.

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