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SPA2 Now Available With New Alarms And Software

SPA2IS Launch News Release Image Moore Industries

The SPA2 now offers versatile new alarm options that allow the user to set up more specific alarm functions.

  • The Band Alarm combines the High and the Low Trip Alarms into one alarm to warn of a process that has left its normal operating conditions.
  • The updated rate-of-change alarm now allows the operator to alarm when PV is rising too rapidly, falling too rapidly or if either process condition occurs. 
  • The Stuck Input Alarm monitors the input with respect to time and trips when that input hasn’t changed by a user-selected rate (Delta) over a user selected time period (Delta Time).
  • The Fault alarm includes: Input Saturation to identify when the input signal exceeds 110% of calibrated input range, an Out-of-Range alarm, and broken wire alarm.
  • A Copy Alarm setting allows the user to duplicate the exact setting of any other alarm.

The SPA2 provides users the ability to setup the alarm using on-board controls or the company’s free updated PC Configuration Software. 

Each individual alarm trip relay may still be programmed as a high or low limit process alarm or configured for simple on-off control utilizing a deadband range of 0-00%

 An updated manual combines both the TRPG and HLPRG SPA2 input versions into a single manual. The new SPAhas the same reliability and quality expected from Moore Industries with the same great features including the ability to accept input signals from transmitters, temperature sensors, resistance and potentiometer devices, and direct millivolt sources. 

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