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Reliability Success Story: PTT Upgrade

PPTThe PTT, Potentiometer Transmitter, was in use at a large dam on a branch of the Colorado River as part of a system to deliver water and power via one of the largest public power utilities for consumers and businesses in the southwest since 1984. The facility has many PTTs in use today. 

All of the PTT units had operated flawlessly in service, even after they were sent back for refurbishment due to capacitor wear out (dry out of electrolytic) four years after the calculated 15-year lifespan.

The customer inquired of whether or not we had a site programmable potentiometer transmitter that was line powered that he could start keeping in stock and consider replacing the PTTs over time.  This would alleviate the downtime he has while waiting on PTT refurbishment.

Moore Industries recommended the CPT, PC-Programmable Temperature Transmitter and Signal Isolator/Converter, as a replacement. The 4-wire (line/mains-powered) CPT can be field programmed for various potentiometer input ranges and provides an isolated and linear current or voltage output (any range within 0-20mA or 0-10V) proportional to the input. The signal is ready for direct interface with readout instruments, recorders, PLC, DCS, or PC-based SCADA systems. All operating parameters configure quickly and easily using Intelligent PC Configuration Software downloadable from our website.

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