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Reliability Success Story: EC-DCA

A customer in Australia recently reported that one of Moore Industries' early products had been in use for well over 25 years, an EC-DCA Economy Direct Current Alarm (4-Wire). Moore Industries was proud to hear the product had been in constant service for so many years.

Figure 1. EC-DCA After 25 Years Of Service 


As part of Moore Industries' award winning line of products, the EC-DCA is one of the earliest products manufactured at the company. Although replaced by newer more advanced product designs such as the SPA2 Programmable Alarm Trip, the EC-DCA was a flagship product that demonstrated proven reliability and affordability with multiple input ranges, ease of adjustment by the user, AC or DC power input, and LED relay alarm status indicator, which was cutting edge in the early 70's.

Since many of the products developed are still in use, many of the manuals are kept online for users. If you'd like to see the manual, check it out online.

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