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New Section of Website Puts “EMPHASIS” on Nuclear Safety

nuclear power plantMoore Industries has added a new section to our website highlighting how the EMPHASIS assessment tool is applied to our products. Moore Industries worked with the Control and Instrumentation Nuclear Industries Forum (CINIF) in the United Kingdom in the original development of the EMPHASIS assessment tool for "Smart" instruments, with the STA trip alarm achieving SIL 2. 

Since 2005 EDF Energy has assessed and qualified Moore Industries Smart devices using EMPHASIS including:

This section of our website has information relating to the EMPHASIS assessment tool. This includes a link to download our recent “Vetting Smart Instruments for the Nuclear Industry” white paper, which details how Moore Industries has designed and configured key products for nuclear safety-critical applications – particularly in the United Kingdom.

Released in 2005, EMPHASIS provides a common framework for determining the suitability of devices in nuclear industries. Earlier designs for process control and safety systems used “good engineering practices and experience” as guidelines. As functional safety awareness grew and software-based products became more complex, standards such as IEC 61508 evolved to create more comprehensive guidelines for implementing safety.

Moore Industries’ compliance with IEC 61508 significantly contributes toward the EMPHASIS assessment for Production Excellence, one of two “legs” used to substantiate safety to the regulator. The second leg involves Independent Confidence Building Measures – measures and techniques such as Static Analysis or Statistical Testing on a product’s source code to prevent potential systemic failures and also taking into account the application demands of the device to be deployed.


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