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Ready-to-Install Series, WORM and Hi-Tech Data Sheets

Hi Tech WORMMaking Product Selection and Ordering Easier

In 2015 Moore Industries’ flagship product line, Temperature instruments and sensors, was expanded with two new product families: the THZ3 and TDZ3 Dual-Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitters, and the newest member of the Functional Safety Series, the SIL 3 capable STZ Functional Safety Smart HART Temperature Transmitter with  Dual Sensor
Input. These new products meant we needed to update all of our temperature assemblies and sensors data sheets including the Ready-to-Install series, Assemblies for High-Tech, and the WORM Flexible Sensor. These newly improved data sheets give you all the information you need to more easily select and order the right product for your temperature application. 

All of these data sheets include new temperature notations on WORM sensors and improved ordering information to make it easier to select and order.

RTI-1 Ready-to-Install Temperature Transmitter Assemblies for Head-Mount Transmitters and RTI-2 Ready-to-Install Temperature Assemblies for Hockey-Puck Transmitters have the THZ3, TDZ3 and the STZ added.

RTI-3 Ready-to-Install Temperature Assemblies for Surface Measurements have a completely new layout organized for greater clarity and easier selection of WORM Surface-Mount applications: PAD Mounts, Bayonet, PIPE and TANK. Plus, we have added relevant WORM sensor configuration examples at the end.

RTI-4 Flexible Sensor Temperature Assemblies also has a completely new layout organized for greater clarity and easier selection of WORM flexible sensor applications: EXP, WORM Nose, and relevant WORM sensor configuration examples at the end.

Hi-Tech Temperature Monitoring Solutions for High-Tech Facilities and Processes is completely redesigned with order info included on the page with each product. It features:

  • Surface-Mount Air Duct Averaging Temperature Monitoring
  • Duct-Mount Temperature Assembly for Monitoring Clean Rooms and Air Ducts
  • Wall-Mount Room Air Temperature Monitoring
  • Bath Calibration
  • Humidity & Temperature Solutions

The WORM Flexible RTD and Thermocouple Sensors for Thermowell Temperature Assemblies and the CAN OF WORMS Economical 10-Pack of WORM Flexible Sensors features new Dual sensors and updated order information.

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