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Mounting Options for the WORM

WORM RTI4 componentsThe WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor solves many installation problems associated with rigid temperature sensors. The WORM is simple to install and can be trimmed to fit into almost any application. It also can bend to accommodate awkward mounting positions and locations and it is completely embedded in the thermowell to ensure no outside influences affect the temperature measurements. 

Multiple mounting possibilities are available which also help to make it easier to install the WORM in almost any application where a skin (surface) temperature measurement is required. The new RTI-4 datasheet highlights some of the mounting options that can help to solve real-world installation problems:

PAD Mounting

The PAD completely surrounds the WORM, shielding it from external interference and providing maximum heat transfer to the sensor. This can be done through welding or bolting a PAD (-PAD option), attaching a Clamp PAD (-CLAMP) or affixing it via a magnetic pad (-MPAD).Exposed Air Thermowells and Protection Tubes

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Both Exposed Air Thermowells (-EXP) and Protection Tubes (-PTB) are equipped with ½-inch NPT connections for mounting to a transmitter, field-mount enclosure or pipe. The -EXP is ideal for measuring both indoor and outdoor ambient temperatures. The perforated tube allows the sensor to have access to the open air while reducing the unwanted measurement fluctuations caused by air circulation. The -PTB is a sealed tube with a thinner wall for penetration in low-impact processes with low velocities or low pressure when you want faster responses than a thermowell can deliver.

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BAYONET Pipe Mounts

The BAYONET (-BAY) option is a clamp-on pipe band mount designed to accommodate heavily insulated applications. The sensor extension allows for installation where the insulation is up to two inches thick.

Remote-Mounted Sensor with Terminal Block

Use a Remote-Mounted Sensor with Terminal Block (-RM) to remove the display from your process. The -RM comes with two housings: a transmitter in the specified connection head and a terminal block enclosed in an additional connection head with your selected sensor and fittings attached. With the -RM you can position your sensor in the heart of your process while keeping your transmitter in an easily accessible area.

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PIPE and TANK Mounts

When you need to clamp a sensor to a pipe, you can use the PIPE (-PIPE) mount. Or you can order a TANK (-TANK) mount to weld the WORM into place, securing the spring-loaded sensor tip directly against the surface on which the temperature measurement is needed. With both mounts, the spring-loaded sensor is completely encased and features a flat tip, creating the best environment for maximum heat transfer to the probe.

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