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Moore Reliability: Same-day Delivery

A Moore Industries Representative reached us with an urgent call from one of our loyal customers. Our oil patch customer was desperately in need of as many of the WORM thermocouple (T/C) flexible temperature sensors from Moore Industries as they could get. They needed them the same day for a critical installation. The WORM is one of our most popular sensors and our rep had run out that day.

The customer has been using various sensors for many years but found the WORM Sensor to be the most reliable and easiest-to-use temperature sensor they have ever installed in the field.  The demand for production increased and the customer needed to be able to shut the plant down in order to upgrade equipment to meet the new demand. One of their most critical measurements was for monitoring pumps that relied on temperature readings to help prevent them from overheating.

When Moore Industries received the call -- sales immediately escalated the order. The stockroom performed an immediate inventory of all the “J” type T/C WORMs in stock. The customer wanted 36-inch WORMs but decided on the 24-inch WORMS instead because these were available for immediate shipping. With only two hours left before end of shift, employees stepped up to the challenge and packaged all the Worms Sensors available in inventory for shipping.

Sales informed the Rep about the inventory quantities, and the customer placed a PO. The Rep arranged for the pickup of the WORM Sensors by a special courier service. The courier arrived three hours later as scheduled and picked up the package, placing it on Southwest Airlines leaving LAX International. The customer picked up the WORM sensors at the customer's airport on the same day.

The dedication of Moore Industries employees demonstrates our commitment to customer service that goes beyond the call of duty. Our customers can rely on us to come through for them when they need it most. Moore Reliability in action.

Just another day of serving our customers at Moore Industries.

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