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Moore Reliability and Customer Satisfaction Proven in the Field

Recently a customer contacted Moore Industries with a request to reorder temperature transmitters and signal conditioners.

They wanted to purchase identical products because of their reliability since the units have been in use since their purchase, and we're hoping the temperature transmitters and signal conditioners were still available.

200200p1915EDNmain242Moore TCTThe customer was able to supply the serial numbers for existing units installed at their facility. In researching the serial numbers we discovered the original TCT (Thermocouple Transmitter) was purchased in 1978, another in 1985 and an SCT (Signal converter) from the same period. The customer was happy with the original products and wanted to purchase additional units. Although these products were made more than 25 years ago, Moore Industries is proud to be able to accommodate our customer with several TCTs (currently available), and newer generation SCT.

Moore Industries has a wide variety of products available including older products as well new product lines including SIL 2 and SIL 3 Functional Safety - IEC 61508 Compliant instruments, Temperature Sensors, Transmitters, and Assemblies, Limit Alarm Trips and Switches, Signal Transmitters, Isolators and Converters, Smart HART Loop Monitors and Interfaces, Process Controllers, Monitors and Backup Stations, Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies, and Process Control and Distributed I/O Networks.

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