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Extracting HART Data from Smart Instruments and NCS for Process Skids

WNIPT: Extracting HART Data from Smart Instruments

According to the FieldComm Group (formerly the HART Communications Foundation), there are more than 30 million HART-enabled instruments installed in chemical and process plants worldwide, and most process transmitters made today are HART compatible. The HART digital signal often contains valuable process measurements and other variables including instrument status, diagnostic data, alarms, calibration values and alert messages.

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However, many systems fail to utilize the critical information available from HART-enabled transmitters, valve positioners, flowmeters and other "smart" devices. The February 2015 issue of the Australian magazine What’s New in Process Technology features an article from Moore Industries addressing these concerns. “Extracting HART Data from Smart Instruments” shows how a HART interface device such as our HIM HART Interface Module makes acquiring HART data simple. The data can be sent to a control system via analog signals, discrete outputs or serial communications.

Control Design: Process Skid Standardization

Another recent article highlighting Moore Industries was published by Control Design. In “Process Skid Standardization: What Manufacturers Want,” Dan Herbert discussed an issue common to OEM process skid builders. They keep their costs down when they can deliver the same product to as many customers as possible without customization. However, their clients often have specific needs that they want to be addressed by their process skid.

The article includes feedback by Moore Industries Senior Applications Engineer Jim McConahay, PE, who discussed how our NCS NET Concentrator System can serve as a universal MODBUS I/O interface and eliminate the need for most process skid custom interfaces.

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