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Moore Industries Comprehensive Line of Power Supplies

Moore Industries offers a comprehensive line of power supplies to help ensure reliable power goes to all your devices and meets your needs in noise reduction, instrument accuracy, data consistency, and stable communication.

The ECS Economy Power Supply is an ideal process loop component for use with noise prone 2-wire transmitters and data communications equipment, in most cases exceeding performance specifications of higher-priced supplies. The Moore Industries Comprehensive Line of Power SuppliesECS features superior isolation with 2500 Vrms protection so that process signals will not be affected by even severe ground loops, motor noise, or other electrical transients. Though the standard ECS is configured at the factory to 117Vac or 230Vac, it can be field-configured to meet your specific needs.

Moore industries DPS DIN Power Supplies are designed especially for industrial environments and are ideal for powering 2-wire transmitters and data communication modules. The DPS 240 can be used to power a maximum of twelve 4-20mA loops, while the DPS 1200 can power a maximum of sixty 4-20mA loops. Each DPS unit provides complete isolation between the input and output terminals and the unit case, ensuring that power supply fluctuation from line power will not affect instrument accuracy.

The SMP Surface-Mount Power Supply is a compact, precision regulated, linear DC instrument power supply which requires minimal user maintenance and will power large numbers of 2- and 4-wire process instruments. It is the ideal companion to multiple position card racks and rails, or instruments installed in a cabinet or sub-system. The SMP’s superior line and load regulating capabilities help ensure stable signals and that no expensive data loss occurs. All SMPs are designed to operate safely over a temperature range from 0oC to 50oC (+32oF to +122oF) and include full-time short circuit and overload protection to prevent electrical damage to the unit.

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