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Moore Industries: A History of Innovation and Safety

Orion captionMoore Industries was founded in 1968 by Leonard W. Moore, who is still chairman of the board and has a daily presence at the company’s North Hills, CA, headquarters. The company started out as a three-person operation in a garage in California, and now has offices worldwide in Australia, Belgium, China, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. It is one of the last independent, privately owned instrument companies left in North America.

Moore Industries started out making signal conditioners. “After working in the instrumentation industry for a few years, I saw a market for tough, reliable, noise-resistant signal conditioners,” says Mr. Moore. At that time, reliable and rugged devices were difficult to find and in some cases gaps existed where a device that could have streamlined an operation did not yet exist. As a natural progression of the company’s forward-looking vision, a broad catalog of offerings developed to fill those gaps.


Moore Industries kept taking the natural next steps in its evolution in the process world. From his years in the instrumentation industry, Mr. Moore recognized the inherent need for durability and safety in products that would be housed in closed spaces around electricity, volatile gases and personnel. In 1972, the company was the first to build products with RFI protection, extruded aluminum housings and interlocking corners—before any certifications existed making these features necessary. The company was also an industry leader in building products with input-to-output isolation.

Today, Moore Industries designs, manufactures and sells many types of instruments including alarms, HART interface devices, complete temperature sensing and transmitting products, signal conditioners and isolators and IEC 61508-certified Functional Safety devices and Explosion/Flame-proof enclosures. The company’s dedication to safety ranges from hazardous area protection, as provided with Explosion/Flame-proof enclosures and intrinsically-safe devices, to internal circuitry, firmware and development process design as it moved into the Functional Safety arena.

Moore Industries maintains numerous stringent certifications for many of its products ranging from CE compliance, Non-Incendive, Intrinsically-Safe and Explosion/Flameproof approvals. The company was an early adopter of IEC 61508 and was engaged by British Energy (known today as EDF Energy) to help develop guidelines for the assessment of ‘Smart’ devices to be used in safety-related or safety-critical applications within the UK nuclear industries, called EMPHASIS. In addition to providing EMPHASIS approved products, the company has received functional safety certifications from exida and TUV on products as well as its design, development, manufacturing and documentation process.

It is far from unusual for an employee at Moore Industries to tell you that they have been with the company for 15, 20 or even 30 years. Each year, during Years of Service awards, multiple names of individuals who have been with the company in double-digit years are announced. This speaks to the respect and pride employees have in working for a company that feels like family, still designs and manufactures in the U.S and has safety of people and processes as its utmost focus.

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