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Learn About TRUNKSAFE at Upcoming Fieldbus Foundation End User Seminars

TRUNKSAFE Fault Tolerant Fieldbus SystemFind out about the best method for maintaining continuous communication between a control system and instruments on a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA segment while attending upcoming Fieldbus Foundation End User seminars in Canada. Visitors to the booth of MooreHawke (a division of Moore Industries) can see a demo of the TRUNKSAFE Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System when they attend seminars in Calgary on Sept. 22 or Edmonton on Sept. 24.

TRUNKSAFE is a cost-effective and highly reliable solution that creates a completely redundant physical fieldbus layer. In the event of a failure on a fieldbus segment, TRUNKSAFE makes it possible for the control system to switch immediately and automatically to a redundant path. This helps prevent the loss of a complete segment, the shutdown of associated plant or equipment, and potential catastrophic process failures.

Designed for important and plant-critical fieldbus segments, TRUNKSAFE utilizes two trunk cables (or “legs”) for physical layer redundancy to ensure no single point of failure will shut down the network. Under normal operation, the fieldbus segment is terminated at each end of the segment at the TRUNKSAFE Redundant Power Conditioners. TRUNKSAFE maintains fieldbus communications throughout the entire segment until a fault (open- or short-circuit) is detected. Upon fault detection, theTRUNKSAFE Device Coupler initiates its automatic segment termination so that the healthy leg is properly terminated. This patented, automatic system for fault detection and termination allows uninterrupted fieldbus communications throughout the segment. The host is informed about the fault via a contact closure output.

The upcoming Fieldbus Foundation events in Canada are free and you can register at their website.

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