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How and Why Measuring Power Usage is Important and How to Do It

Why Monitor Power?

Measuring power usage is important Moore IndustriesWhy monitor power usage in your process? With AC power consumption and measurement drawing ever-more attention throughout the process industries, an understanding of basic AC parameters becomes increasingly important. Our free downloadable Power Transducer’s User Guide uses illustrations and simple definitions to explain the basics of AC power and its uses in the process industries. Monitoring your process’s power usage has never been more important, as many businesses are attempting to cut down on unnecessary power use with efforts to go green and contribute to the conservation of our environment. Download our free Power Transducers User’s Guide to see how Moore Industries can help you effectively monitor your power usage so you can ensure you are using only the power you need, saving you money while reducing your environmental impact.

What are some benefits of Monitoring Power Usage?

By continuously monitoring your power usage you will be able to trend and detect which equipment or instruments are consuming considerable amounts of power. This gives you the opportunity to take corrective action when necessary. Continuous power usage monitoring also helps to ensure that you are being charged only for the power you are using.

Plus, improvements you make to ensure machinery is operating effectively and efficiently reduce your demand on the power grid and reduce the overall impact on the environment

Power Transducers User s Guide

How can Moore Industries Help?

Moore Industries created this Power Transducers User’s Guide with illustrations and simple definitions to explain the basics of AC power and its uses in the process industries, which can be downloaded below. After reading this guide you should be able to apply the basic principles needed to use power transducers. In this guide you will find the following information:


  • Beginning Definitions for Electricity and AC Power Measurement
  • Basic Concepts of AC Power
  • Common AC Power Systems
  • Monitoring Common AC Power Systems
  • Taking Watt and VAR Measurements
  • Reference Charts, Calculations, and Wiring Diagrams
  • Power Transducers Available from Moore Industries

Download our Power Transducer User’s Guide to learn how you can effectively employ our power transducers to save your plant money, reduce your unnecessary power usage, and limit your overall impact on the environment.

Power Transducer Users Guide

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