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Highly Flexible and Versatile Alarm Trips: SPA2

Something happens—a signal peaks or falls—and you need to know. A limit alarm trip can trigger the response needed to maintain normal, and safe, operations. The Moore Industries SPA2 Programmable Current/Voltage and RTD/Thermocouple Limit Alarm Trips are excellent alarms for your most demanding applications. SPA2 high low pp

Some of the most notable and popular features designed into the SPAare its:

  • Ability to accept a signal input from transmitters, temperature sensors and a wide array of other monitoring and control instruments including current and voltage signals, 23 RTD types, 9 thermocouple types, resistance and potentiometer devices and direct millivolt sources.
  • 20-bit input resolution:  Industry-best digital accuracy for both sensor (RTD and thermocouple) and analog (current/voltage) inputs. 
  • Ability to serve as a high/low alarm limit process alarm to monitor temperature, pressure, level, flow, position or status variable and provide emergency shutdown or on/off control if unwanted process conditions occur. It also acts as a rate-of-change alarm, input fault alarm, out-of-range alarm and self-diagnostic alarm.
  • Universal AC/DC power supply which enhances its ability to serve as a universal limit alarm trip option and replace the multitude of single-function alarms that many plants need to stock and use to monitor their processes.
  • Analog output (-AO) option which lets the SPA2act as a transmitter for input signals to a remote monitoring or control device such as a DCS, PLC, PC or data recorder indicator saving significant installation time and costs when an alarm and transmitter function are needed at the same location.
  • Isolated and RFI/EMI protection delivering superior protection against the effects of ground loops and plant noise. 
  • Flexible programming which can be performed through front panel pushbuttons or our Intelligent PC Configuration Software.

Also, the Current/Voltage (HLPRG) input model of the SPAcomes with 2-wire transmitter excitation, providing 24Vdc power to a loop powered transmitter, eliminating the cost of specifying and installing an independent instrument power supply.

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