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EHelp Tips: Temperature Measurements in Liquid

WORM Moore IndustriesQ: We want three 100 ohm, .00385 Alpha RTDs to measure heated glucose in railroad cars. We heat the glucose to 140-150°F, and want to use a 5-foot long flexible sensor with a head on top containing a terminal strip. We also want to run flexible conduit from the head with copper wire for easy replacement access. We can fabricate a bracket that would span the midway above the railcar that supports the housings and includes holes that allow the flexible RTDs to drop down for installation. What do you offer that is a fit for our application?

A: Moore Industries has several variations of its WORM sensor precisely for liquid measurement applications. Using the WORM with our specially-designed 12-inch weighted bar, which is potted at the end of its capsule, offers stability from swinging or moving when suspended in liquids. We also offer a -30G potted option which provides added protection from extreme shock in harsh environments.

One of the best features of this assembly is the Teflon insulated leads sealed inside a Teflon jacket. This protects the lead wires from liquids penetrating the insulation and potentially causing shorts. For maximum protection against very harsh abrasive environments, we have also added flex armor cable over the Teflon jacketed leads. Flex armor also acts as an additional weight to the entire assembly yet is still flexible enough to raise and lower the tip of the WORM.

Another feature of this assembly is the 0.50-inch outside diameter of the weighted bar. This allows insertion of the bar through a ½-inch NPT threaded hole for easy installation.

At the transmitter where the lead wires enter the housing, we use a sealed stainless steel sleeve attached to the flex armor cable which is sealed at the lead wires. This provides a sealed and rigid spot where we add a compression fitting for securing the assembly to the housing. In addition this sleeve and compression fitting allow the installer to adjust the depth of the WORM assembly. 

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