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E-Help Tip: Concentrating Temperature Readings with the NCS

Q: I want to transmit temperature readings from 44 different four-wire RTDs over MODBUS using your TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Temperature and Signal Transmitter. Can I use the EMM Ethernet/MODBUS Interface Module of the NCS NET Concentrator System® to concentrate the outputs of the TMZ? I would like to have the EMM configured as a MODBUS RTU Master and the TMZs as MODBUS RTU Slaves and then output from the EMM as a MODBUS/TCP to my control system. Can this all be done?

TMZdual TMZ 300pix LoRes RGB

A: Yes it can be. The EMM can be used as a MODBUS RTU Master and query multiple TMZ Modbus RTU Slaves.

If the RTDs are in clusters of four or more you can use an EMM with one or more TIM modules instead of four or more TMZs for a more economical solution. A separate stand-alone EMM MODBUS Master can still be used to poll EMM and TMZ MODBUS Slaves.

The RS485 port of the EMM is used for either MODBUS RTU Master or MODBUS RTU Slave functions. The Ethernet port is used for MODBUS/TCP (Slave only) communications.

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