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CONTROL Magazine Readers Award Moore Industries the Top Supplier of Signal Conditioners

Every year, the readers of CONTROL magazine participate in a survey in which they name suppliers who, in their opinion, deliver the best technology in each of 80 categories. The readers rank up to three suppliers in each of those categories. According to CONTROL, not everyone fills in all three choices for each category because many feel there are not enough strong suppliers to merit a top rank. Some only enter one or two, some none at all. The article covering the award stated, “Only the strongest suppliers earn the loyalty that leads to a place in our Readers’ Choice Awards.”

For Signal Conditioners, Moore Industries was selected by readers as the #1 supplier.  Our Signal Conditioner product line product line includes:

  • ECT-DIN 2- and 4-Wire Signal Isolators, Converters, Repeaters, and Splitters
  • SSX 2-Wire, Loop-Powered HART Functional Safety Series Isolators, SIL-3 capable
  • SST 4-Wire, Line- (Mains) Powered HART Functional Safety Series Isolator and Splitter, SIL-3 capable
  • MIX and MIT miniMoore 2-Wire and 4-Wire Multi-Channel Signal Isolators and Converters
  • SIY 2-Wire PC-Programmable Signal Isolator and Converter
  • CPT 4-Wire PC-Programmable Signal Isolator and Converter
  • HIT and HIX 2- and 4-Wire HART® Isolators
  • SIX 2-Wire Signal Isolator, Converter, and Repeater
  • FCT 4-Wire Field-Configurable Signal Isolator and Converter

We are proud to be selected as the top Signal Conditioner supplier by the people in the industries we serve who use and know our Signal Conditioner products. Thanks to all of you who included us in your 2016 CONTROL Reader’s Choice Award nominations!

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