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Control Design Article Highlights Changing Role of Remote I/O

Control Design recently took a look at the current state of remote I/O. Contributing Editor Hank Hogan suggests that remote I/O is becoming “smaller, faster, customizable and intelligent” thanks to innovations within the industry.

The article highlights several examples of companies who have saved money and increased the functionality of their processes by utilizing remote I/O. In one example, an electrical contractor uses automated PLC systems to control construction, excavation and mining machines. In many cases, the machines at the 

construction site were a large distance from the main processor – in some cases up to a mile away. This meant using expensive wiring to span the distance and sending a technician on-site if one of the cables failed.

NCSUsing remote I/O solves many of these problems. Two locations can be connected via a single twisted wire pair, Ethernet or fiber-optic communication link. Moore Industries offers a wide range of remote I/O solutions including the NCS NET Concentrator System®, which can be used to send just a few – or hundreds – of process signals between the field and a control system whether close by or remote. It’s ideal for creating new monitoring and control networks and also for leaving existing “legacy” sensors, analog instruments and valves in place while taking advantage of digital signal transmission capabilities.

The NCS has several features that make it ideal for plants and remote environments. It offers enhanced RF/EMI protection that eliminates ground loops and protects against the effects of electrical "noise" found in busy plants. It can also be installed in harsh environments with an operating range of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).

For more information about the use of the use of Distributed I/O in plant settings, please download our "Peer-to-Peer Distributed I/O Systems Solve Signal Interface Problems" white paper.

Another option available for connecting field instruments to control systems is to use wireless I/O. This method completely eliminates the need for wiring, makes it easy to expand a network and allows for the transmission of signals across large distances.


WNMThe WNM Wireless Network Module from Moore Industries can be used in conjunction with the NCS to communicate with just one – or multiple – WNM modules configured as Remote modules in a Point-to-Point system. In a Point-to-Multipoint architecture, modules can be configured as repeaters to relay signals when a direct line of sight does not exist between a Master and Remote modules, or to significantly extend the transmission distance allowable within a WNM network.

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