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Configuration Video Tutorials Now on YouTube

Last month we told you about a new video tutorial on the configuration of the THZ3 and TDZ3. We’ve now updated our YouTube page with video tutorials from Customer Service Director Bob Croughwell on how to use the included software to configure several of our most popular products:

•STA Safety Trip Alarm (TPRG and HLPRG models)
•SPA2 Limit Alarm Trips (TPRG and HLPRG models)
•HCS HART Concentrator System

There is a video playlist for each product with several videos showing the steps you can take to program and monitor individual features for each product. Along with an overview of the configuration software, some of the feature-specific tutorial videos include information about:
•HART and HART Devices
•Analog Inputs/Outputs
•Custom Curves

Make sure you check out our YouTube page to see the latest tutorials and other informative product videos from Moore Industries.

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