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Bi-Annual "Dust Off" Leads to Higher Quality Products

BiannualAlthough Moore Industries personnel perform daily cleaning and maintenance of the production floor, twice a year a “Dust Off” is coordinated to ensure that our manufacturing floor is clean and free of dust, foreign object debris (FOD) and airborne particles that could settle on components, circuit boards and other materials.

The dust off entails multiple steps. Important machinery is first covered with protective plastic. Next, specialized crews work overnight to clean off light fixtures, chains which support hanging equipment and other structures high up on the production floor that are difficult to reach during routine cleanings. When production personnel return the next morning, they clean off their work spaces along with working together to clean common areas on the manufacturing floor.

The end result of our dust off is knowing that the products we ship will not experience damage which could potentially be caused by dusty components, PCBs or other equipment. The coordinated effort of the bi-annual dust off maintains our high quality product and reinforces our reliable reputation. To learn more about Moore Industries’ dedication to quality, visit our Safety Certs, Worldwide Directives and Regulations page.

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