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Accelerate Your HART Data at the Speed of Ethernet with the New HES HART to Ethernet Gateway

HES AdTimely knowledge about your process enables better decisions and faster preventive action. Now you can get the process detail that you need from your Smart HART devices to MODBUS/TCP and HART-IP based monitoring and control systems at the speed of Ethernet with the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System from Moore Industries. 

Connect up to 64 Smart HART devices to the HES and collect the Dynamic Variables and the Device Variables, along with diagnostic bits and bytes, from each device that helps deliver critical information needed to help you address process and device problems before they turn into unplanned downtime. 

Whether you need data from one device or many, the HES meets your need with a single channel and four channel configurations. The single channel configuration supports up to 16 HART devices in digital multidrop mode, or it can support one device in a standard point-to-point 4-20mA loop configuration. The four channel configuration can support up to 64 total HART devices for high-density installations. 

The HES supports HART field devices both old and new with HART 5, 6 and 7 revisions, including devices such as Coriolis, magnetic, vortex, ultrasonic and multivariable mass flowmeters along with pressure, pH, level, temperature transmitters, and even smart valve positioners. Its robust memory capacity can handle thousands of process variable and diagnostic data points from connected smart HART devices. 

HES Single Channel diagram

The HES is simple to configure over Ethernet using PACTware or other FDT compliant host with supplied HES DTM. Easy-to-use menus give you the ability to fully configure the HES including HART channel communications, MODBUS communication, and mapping settings and network security parameters. 

You can view all of the HART data from connected field devices in read-only mode with any web browser via the HES’ built-in web server or a MODBUS/TCP compliant host. The HES also supports HART-IP, which allows you to monitor any of the connected HART device variables, HES variables, or diagnostics. Support for these open industrial protocols enables interface with any process control or asset management system while taking advantage of any Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives that facilitate the propagation of process data to higher level corporate or analytical systems.

The new HES continues the Moore Industries reputation for rugged and reliable products that are designed and built to perform dependably year after year.  

 HES 4 channel diagram



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