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555 Controller Handles Simple or Complex Chlorination and Dechlorination Jobs

The Moore Industries Model 555 Controller handles the most sophisticated and demanding chlorination and dechlorination applications including complicated compound loop control. However, compound control is not needed in many instances. In numerous plants, chlorination and dechlorination control can be effectively accomplished using much simpler flow proportioned chemical feed control.

When running flow proportioned control, manually tweaking the chemical feed pump is accomplished by changing the Dose Setting. The Model 555 implements flow pace control and provides manual control of Dose.

555 Controller Reasons to Use the 555 Controller:

  • The 555 can be mounted in the control room and provide manual Dose Control without requiring travel to the pump house.
  • If you are now implementing Dose Control by manually adjusting the pump stroke, you can give up that practice. Set the stroke long to improve control and better eliminate air entrainment and use the Model 555 Controller to adjust chemical feed through the pump’s speed control.
  • Are you moving to peristaltic pumps for broader chemical feed rangeability, for reduced maintenance or to eliminate off gas binding? Peristaltic pumps don’t give you convenient Dose Control but the Model 555 will.
  • The 555 does the trick if you are already using peristaltic pumps and need to manually adjust Dose to compensate for decreased flow from normal tubing wear.

How the 555 Controller Works:

  • The flow signal from the plant transmitter is wired into the controller and the controller is configured for the Flow Pace Mode.
  • When configured for Flow Pace Control, the 555 Controller’s Output = Flow x Dose
  • We recognize that operators do not (or should not) deal with the chlorination controllers regularly. The 555 Controller’s functionality is limited to make user interface as simple as possible and to limit the possibility of adjustment errors. The only active keys are the Display Button and the Up/Down Arrows while all other keys are “locked out”. 
  • When the display shows the Dose Setting, the Up/Down arrows will change the Dose multiplier. This then changes the controller output and chemical feed rate.

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