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535 Controller Can Take the Heat of Fire and Explosion

535 Here's a quick story from Mark Kuhlman at Temco highlighting just how durable our products are - even in the most extreme conditions:

According to Mark, one of his clients had a coal mill explosion and fire in a plant where our 535 Controllers were in use. Fortunately, no one was injured, but damage to instrumentation and other equipment near the source of the incident was extensive.

During cleanup, the client came across a 535 that was installed about 50 feet from where the explosion and initial fire occurred. To their amazement, it was operational despite having sustained obvious cosmetic damage because of the fire and explosion.

The photo above shows you just how severe the damage was to the 535 (click the gallery image below to see a larger view). It truly did take a licking and kept on ticking. This is a very extreme example of the reliability of Moore Industries' products. Our products are engineered and built to the highest specifications of quality and durability. When you buy our instrumentation, you can feel comfortable that it will operate in the harshest and most challenging situations.

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