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How to Take Advantage of Existing HART Data with Minimal Expense

Taking advantage of existing HART DATA with minimal expense

Moore Industries’ article on How to Take Advantage of Existing HART Data with Minimal Expense has been published in Process Technology 115, 11.2019 issue (p. 18).  The article points out that although there are 40 million HART instruments installed in the field, making HART the most dominant communications protocol used in process manufacturing facilities across the world,  many existing control and monitoring systems do not support HART communication for 4-20mA devices. HART gateways like the HES fill in this gap, allowing end-users to strategically interface their HART smart devices with their control systems by selecting those devices that add the most value to their operations. The implementation of these HART gateways can be employed as part of the maintenance budget without having to allocate larger capital funds. This can be an affordable way of establishing a plant-floor-to-Ethernet backbone, and integrating valuable HART data into higher layers for further processing and analysis while leaving core automation tasks unaffected.

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