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E-Help Tip: SIL 2 Capable Alarm Trip/Relay

SPA2IS facingright ppQ: I need a relay with a SIL 2 rating. Does your SPA2 have a SIL 2 rating?

A: The SPA2 is a SIL 2 capable alarm trip with four process relays that can be used in SIL 2 loops.  The SPA2 has an FMEDA (Failure Modes, Effects and Diagnostics Analysis) report that can be used by a safety practitioner to ensure its applicability in the SIF (Safety Instrumented Function).

We also offer another SIL 2/3 capable alarm trip for safety related loops, commonly referred to as a Logic Solver, called the STA - Safety Trip Alarm was expressly designed for utilization in SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) applications.  The STA has third party certification (exida®) per IEC 61508:2010.  

Upon request FMEDA reports can be provided to determine each product’s applicability as a logic solver in specific safety-related applications.

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