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EHelp Tips: Is there a signal conditioner with 0-2Vdc input & 2 isolated 4-20mA outputs?

ECTQ. Is there a signal conditioner with 0-2Vdc input and two isolated 4-20mA outputs with 24Vdc?  I need it as compact as possible because I need to install it horizontally in a cabinet. 

A. The ECT-DIN series dual 4-20mA output can be provided with a modified input to accept a 0-2Vdc signal. Moore Industries offers a build option from the factory (the ECT which acts as a Splitter).  The model number for an ECT with this configuration is ECT/0-2V/2X4-20MA/24DC [DIN]. Typical installation of an ECT is a DIN mount so the housing we offer is a DIN-style housing which mounts on 32mm G-type (EN50035) and 35mm Top Hat (EN50022) rails.

The ECT-DIN is rugged as well as reliable and is available in 2-wire (loop) or 4-wire (line/mains) powered models.

The complete family delivers economical solutions for an expansive range of signal interface applications such as protecting equipment and signals by eliminating common electrical paths, amplify signals allowing more instruments on an overburdened loop, isolate signals to prevent erratic measurements, convert signals so field devices can interface with equipment such as an indicator or PC-based SCADA system, split one signal to allow one primary measurement to be sent to two separate systems, and solve bucking power supplies. The ECT has superior signal isolation up to 1500Vrms and stops ground loops, motor noise, and other electrical interference from affecting process signals.

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