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RTI-4 Datasheet Presents Mounting Options for The WORM

WORM sensor 200wOne of the advantages of the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensors is that they can be mounted in so many different ways.
This is especially true if you need a skin (surface) temperature measurement. Moore Industries offers a variety of ways that you can clamp, bolt, weld or magnetically affix a WORM anywhere that a skin temperature measurement is needed.

Now you can access one datasheet to help you unlock all of the different skin temperature measurement options available with the WORM. The new RTI-4 datasheet has all of the information you need to make the right choice for your application. Items covered in the datasheet include:

  • Multiple Mounting Options: As previously covered in the blog, the RTI-4 datasheet includes information on mounting options such as PAD Mounting, Exposed Air Thermowells and Protection Tubes, BAYONET Pipe Mounts, Remote-Mounted Sensors with Terminal Blocks and PIPE and TANK Mounts
  • The WORM Nose: Ordering a lengthy assembly to measure temperatures – such as at the bottom of a tank – means expensive shipping costs. This can be avoided by using the WORM Nose option, which secures the sensor snugly at the bottom of an assembly that can be created on-site
  • Flex Armor Cable: Adding a Flex Armor cable cover and fittings allow the WORM to easily fit into a standard threaded thermowell, increasing the flexibility and protection of the product.

RTI 4 datasheet thumbnail 150w

The RTI-4 datasheet also has extensive ordering information to help you select the right WORM sensor along with a mounting option.

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