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Moore Industries Technology Reduces Legwork at Pulp and Paper Site

State regulations required a major pulp and paper company to monitor and record daily effluent water rates. This requirement was being fulfilled by sending an employee from their main control site to a remotely located pond three times a day to manually record water levels. This process was inefficient, time-consuming and didn’t provide them with real-time data. 

HCS norails ppBy installing a system utilizing technology from Moore Industries, the pulp and paper company implemented a system that is scalable for future installations while reducing employee workload and maintaining state regulatory compliance. This process is detailed in a white paper available for download on our website. It highlights how the use of the HCS HART Concentrator System and the NCS NET Concentrator System were critical in helping the company efficiently comply with government regulations.

HART flow level measurements at the pond site were converted to MODBUS RTU by a HCS and sent from a WNM Wireless Network Module at the pond to a receiver radio at the boiler control room. The information was relayed from the wireless radio to an HMI display and DCS/Historian by the NCS. This system enables the company to efficiently get accurate and required readings on the levels in their effluent water system.


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