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Measuring Molasses Temperatures With the WORM

Measuring Molasses with the WORM White Paper Moore Industries CoverMoore Industries has published a new white paper on an application using the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensors to measure the temperature of molasses during the production of beet sugar. Using the WORM as a replacement for standard thermowells allow site engineers to get more accurate temperature readings and maximize the amount of sugar recovered from the molasses.

American Crystal Sugar Company struggled with getting accurate temperature readings of molasses created during the process of extracting beet sugar. The molasses ran about 1 1/2-inches thick at the bottom of a pipe. Using a standard straight thermowell and a solid sheathed RTD sensor meant that the thermowell and sensor were only partially submerged. This led to inaccurate temperature measurements.

This was fixed by creating a custom thermowell with from 3/8-in. stainless steel tubing with a gentle bend at the end. A WORM RTD sensor was inserted into the end of the tubing. This allowed the tip of the sensor to be angled so that it was fully submerged in the molasses. The result is that site operators are able to get highly accurate temperature readings, which allows them to adjust their processes to extract more sugar from the molasses.

 Download the Case Study.