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E-Help Tip: Splitting an RTD or Thermocouple Input

Q: We are looking to take an RTD or thermocouple signal input and output it to two 4-20mA outputs. We also could take the same temperature input and output the same signal twice. What are our options?

 ECT splitter with rail pp

A: Using our HIM HART Interface Monitor along with a HART temperature transmitter such as the THZ3 is the most accurate solution. The HIM polls the THZ3 via HART and offers up to three separate and isolated analog outputs. Other options include::
A loop-powered TRY temperature transmitter and the ECT-DIN signal splitter. The splitter provides the loop power to the temperature transmitter and receives its signal. It then provides two isolated outputs. The ECT-DIN can be powered with 24DC, 117AC or 230AC.


TRY/PRG/4-20MA/10-42DC [DIN]
ECT/4-20MA/2X4-20MA/117AC/-TX [DIN]

A temperature transmitter such as the CPT and a signal isolator such as the ECT-DIN that are both line-powered. The output of the transmitter is to be connected in series to the input of the isolator and to one of your two loads. The output of the isolator goes to your other load.


ECT/4-20MA/4-20MA/117AC [DIN]


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