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A Reason to Demand Moore Reliability: TCA Thermocouple Alarm With 36 Years Continuous Service

36 years TCA Air Products Granite City IL 092016Moore Industries' Director, Sales Support Matt Moren received an inquiry from a customer regarding a replacement for an Alarm Trip. The customer is a world-leading multi-billion dollar industrial gases company that has been in operation for over 75 years focusing on the industrial gases business providing atmospheric and process gases as well as related equipment for manufacturing markets including refining and petrochemical, metals, and electronics.

The customer requested sales information on a TCA Thermocouple (4-Wire) Alarm, which was first manufactured in 1980. When our sales team went into further discussions with the customer on why they wanted to replace a TCA, sales learned that the customer’s current TCA has been in use for over 36 years. The customer was satisfied with the reliability of the TCA and was looking for a replacement. The TCA was functioning perfectly until it was damaged by a lightning strike during a violent storm and the customer felt the only reason it had failed was due to the lightning strike, which had also damaged a large number of other electrical items at their facility.

Moore Industries was able to assist our customer and provide a new TCA Thermocouple (4-Wire) Alarm. We are proud of the reliability and longevity of Moore Industries’ products and customer loyalty to our products. With the likelihood of the new TCA lasting as long as the previous alarm, the customer may be using this TCA until the year 2052!

Moore Industries offers a full line of alarm products for customer needs including the associated intrinsically-safe SPA2IS 4-Wire Programmable Limit Alarm Trips with Intrinsically-Safe Field Connections for Current and Voltage; RTD and Thermocouple and the exida certified STA 4-Wire SIL 2 and SIL 3 Compliant Programmable Current/Voltage and RTD/Thermocouple Safety Trip Alarms.

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