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Quick and Intuitive Setup with PACTware Configuration Software

The free PACTware FDT software gives you one tool to set up, communicate and adjust the settings of your field instruments. You can program Moore Industries’ new products utilizing DTMs with PACTware.

Setting up an instrument with PACTware software is easy and intuitive, and once you’ve created a configuration it can be saved, printed, and downloaded to one or more transmitters. PACTware offers diagnostic and asset management functionality along with support for a full range of monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

The software supports communication with transmitters via all fieldbus systems to include HART, PROFUBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, Foundation FIELDBUS, MODBUS, Controlnet and Ethernet.

Download: PACTware

DTM Downloads:

MISP Comm DTM Download 
MIIP Comm DTM Download (only for HES) 
THZ3 and TDZ3 Device DTM Download
STZ Device DTM Download
SLD Device DTM Download
HES Device DTM Download