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Low Voltage SIL 3 Capable Indicator for Level Monitoring

In oil & gas refineries, remote extraction sites and power generating facilities long cable runs can be necessary. However, those long runs can cause significant voltage drops. When a process facility needed to add local displays to their Safety Instrumented System (SIS) loops, voltage consumption was the critical specification that had to be scrutinized.

 Low Voltage SIL 3 Capable Indicator for Level Monitoring

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After considering multiple loop displays, the Process Engineers learned that the Moore Industries SLD SIL 3 Capable Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display only consumes a maximum of 2.3Vdc, which is much more tolerant of line voltage drops than other loop displays. The SLD is also available with a Loop Maintenance Diode option, which allows the SLD to be removed from the loop for maintenance without interrupting your safety function. Of additional convenience was the SLD’s dual conduit ports that facilitate input and output wiring when adding displays to loops, where most other loop displays only include one conduit connection port and therefore often requires an additional junction box. With the advantage of a lower loop voltage consumption and two cable entries/ports, the SLD decreased the installation cost and increased the voltage available for the safety level transmitter in the loop.

Key attributes:

  • SIL 3 Capable Display
  • Low 2.3Vdc Power Requirement
  • 2-port field mount housing
  • Loop Maintenance Diode Option

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