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Soltex Exhibits MooreHawke Products at Exponor 2015

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Moore Industries rep Soltex Chile S.A. recently exhibited at the Exponor 2015 show, which takes place every two years and focuses on the mining industry. It was held in Antofagasta, the main city in northern Chile, which is near the country’s world-class mining operations including copper, gold and nitrates. It’s an important show with plenty of opportunities to connect mining companies with instrumentation solutions.

Soltex’s booth at the show included Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries. These products help to maintain and simplify communications between mining operations and control systems – even in hazardous areas. For example, the TRUNKGUARD Series 200 Fieldbus Device Couplers offer multiple benefits for engineers designing FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks:

  • Auto Segment Termination: The patented technology prevents fieldbus segment failure from under- or over-termination, a major problem in fieldbus startups. The TRUNKGUARD's auto-termination feature assures that local parts of a fieldbus segment will continue with proper termination even if remote parts of that segment are accidentally disconnected. This prevents costly downtime and hazardous situations
  • Short Circuit Protection: On detection of excess current on a fieldbus spur, the TG200 reacts immediately (20 microseconds) to switch spur current to a nominal trickle-level, rather than limiting the fault current to a fixed (and always higher) level as is typically done by competing units. With removal of the short, the spur is automatically reconnected to the fieldbus segment.
  • LED Displays: Diagnostic LEDs positively indicate power status on each fieldbus spur, spur short circuits and the status of auto termination.

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