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CS 201 - Security Development Life Cycle Training

Class Cancelled at this Time.

CS 201 - Security Development Life Cycle Training

Moore Industries is proud to host exida’s Security Development Lifecycle Training course on October 2 through October 4, 2018 in North Hills, CA. The course is for developers of industrial control system products with a particular focus on network-enabled embedded control systems. The objective is to train Research & Development teams using a combination of lectures and workshops on how to properly and effectively integrate software security assurance practices and techniques into existing software development lifecycles.

Training covers all phases of IEC 62443-4-1 (Product Development Lifecycle Requirements) as well as IEC 62443-4-2 (Technical Security Requirements for IACS components), and the ISASecure™ Software Development Security Assurance (SDSA) certification program. The length of the course is 3 days. 

The course includes topics:

  • Security Development Lifecycle Introduction
  • PC & Networking Best Practices
  • System Integration and Maintenance
  • Security Management Process
  • Software Exploitation
  • Security Requirements
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Threat Modeling Training
  • Module Implementation and Verification
  • Security Integration Testing
  • Security Validation Testing
  • Incident response Planning and Execution
  • Document Security Guidelines

To register, visit exida’s site here.

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