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ISA’s Safety Instrumented System Design: Techniques and Design Verification

Moore Industries is proud to have its products, STZ Functional Safety Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitter and the STA SIL 2 and SIL 3 Capable Programmable Current/Voltage and RTD/Thermocouple Safety Trip Alarms, highlighted in the contents of ISA’s Safety Instrumented System Design: Techniques and Design Verification.   

This is a handy reference book for Safety Engineers designing safety instrumented systems, especially those seeking personal certification. It explains the life cycle of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) as defined in IEC 61511:2016 and is packed with exercises, temperature measurement information, SIF design, and smart logic tools. Other details include industry-specific examples, terminology explanation, diagrams, and parameter tables.

Sections such as Typical Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) Solutions provide a primer on key factors that influence the performance of SIF, SIL architectures, and verification. For those interested in advanced topics, this guide covers the foundation of performance verification by providing a background for probabilistic calculations in an easy-to-read problem/solutions format with demonstrations of applying formulas. Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) failure rate prediction method is broken down in easily readable and understandable.

This book is a valuable resource for professionals. You can find more information on purchasing on Exida’s website.