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HIX and HIT: HART Isolators

HIX and HIT: HART Isolators

Moore Industries’ HART® Isolators provide highly economical solutions to common and costly problems that plague many of today’s “smart” process loops. Protect and enhance your HART investment with the 2-wire (loop powered) HIX or the 4-wire (line-mains powered) HIT.

Safely share the HART output of one transmitter with a secondary control or recording device. This allows for redundancy without further burden on or risk to a process loop. Protection from surges, spikes and transients of up to 1500Vrms safeguards I/O cards. Add the isolating capability of a HART Isolator to a loop to break the common galvanic path that can pass dangerous overloads from DCS to transmitter to PLC or vice-versa– even when the equipment is supposedly “isolated” already.

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