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CCS: Cable Concentrator System

Substantially reduce the cost of transmitting process signals with Moore Industries’ unique problem solver, the CCS® Cable Concentrator System®.  The industry-first CCS provides money-saving solutions for both monitoring and control applications.

The CCS collects any combination of up to 496 analog and/or digital signals from dispersed devices (transmitters, transducers, contact closures, etc.). It digitizes and concentrates the signals on to an RS-485 communication link, and sends the data miles between locations. The CCS can transmit control signals long distances on a single data link to valves, pumps, motors, and other devices that require precise on/off or proportional control.

Features Include:

  • Configurable I/O Options
  • MODBUS RTU Communication
  • Automatic Communication Restoration
  • Stops Ground Loops
  • Transmit Any Distance, Over Any Terrain

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