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Add an Alarm to an Existing Loop

There are many situations in which an additional alarm is needed on a loop where all of the available wires have been used. When that happens, the easiest and most economical solution is to add a loop powered alarm that has low power requirements.

Add an Alarm to an Existing Loop
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One example application is the need for a warning Alarm, a shutdown Trip, or an On/Off control contact. The Moore Industries ALX 2-Wire Alarm Trip draws its power to operate from its 4-20mA input signal and requires only 6.3 V from the loop to operate. If there is an existing 4-20mA loop,, all that is needed is to cut one wire and put the ALX in series with the 4-20mA.

Plus, because the ALX is certified Explosion-proof / Flame-proof by global agencies, it can be installed most anywhere.

Key Attributes:

  • Easily added to an existing loop
  • Low power requirement
  • Certified explosion proof/Flameproof