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Redundant Metering Pumps

Chlorination metering and accurate dosing is a critical process at all water plants.  Sometimes dual or redundant metering and dosing are required. 

Redundant Metering Pumps
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When this need arises consider the ECT DIN Signal Splitter.  The Class I Div 2/Zone 2 ECT splitter receives one input from a flowmeter or other transmitter and produces two identical and fully isolated outputs to two other remote locations.  This allows full redundancy when required and allows either of the two outputs to be disconnected (online maintenance) without having an effect on the other.  The ECT is a four wire device powered with 24DC, 117VAC, or 230VAC and offers loop input power to the flowmeter or field transmitter when required.  The metal case provides excellent immunity to RFI/EMI noise.

Key Attributes:

  • Two fully isolated and independent outputs
  • Input loop power for any two wire field transmitter
  • Excellent RFI/EMI immunity