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Compound Loop Chlorine Control

Chlorination control is a common requirement at all water and wastewater plants. Complex algorithms and control schemes are required in PLC programs to ensure proper chlorine feed systems are kept in tight control. These PLC systems cannot only be costly but often require constant tuning due to the location of the downstream residual sampling points and chlorine injection locations. 

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When chlorination or dechlorination control is required consider the Nema 4x 555 Chlorination/Dechlorination Controller. This ¼ DIN controller was specifically designed for flow pacing, residual, compound and even dechlorination control.  The program menu and control algorithms have built in dosing level and time delay settings that are a common programming headache in PLCs. 
The controller features a large vacuum fluorescent display with a large five digit upper display and two nine character lines of alphanumerics.

Key Attributes:

  • Includes built in control algorithms for Chlorination/Dechlorination control
  • Easy to program
  • Nema 4x case and large vacuum fluorescent display