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Wet Well Pump Control

Municipalities often have several wet well locations around a city that pump waste from low lying areas up to main sewage veins that feed waste treatment plants.  Level instruments monitor the wet well level and controllers then engage the grinder pumps.  Since wet wells contain waste, volatile gasses such as methane require that these level instruments be rated for use in Class I, Div 1 environments.   

Wet Well Pump Control

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When IS (Intrinsic Safety) is chosen as the method of protection, a separate IS barrier is required for each level transmitter that is wired to the pump controller. The SPA2IS Site Programmable Alarm with Associated IS Input capability includes a built-in IS barrier for the level instrument located in the wet well.  This means that the separate IS barrier does not have to be purchased, installed and maintained.  The SPA2IS has four alarms, each configurable with 0-100% deadband, which makes it an ideal fit for a wet well level controller. 

Key Attributes:

  • Includes built-in IS barrier for hazardous sensors and transmitter connection
  • Easy to program with local push buttons or free PC software 
  • Up to four alarms with an auxiliary analog output