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Safely and Affordably Connect Directly to Devices and Sensors in Hazardous Areas with Associated Apparatus for Intrinsically-Safe Facilities

Significant savings, both initial installation, and ongoing maintenance costs, for your intrinsically-safe (IS) facility or project can be achieved by selecting associated apparatus as the IS barrier in your system.

A traditional IS system installation requires a barrier or associated apparatus interface between the device or sensor located in the hazardous area and the monitoring equipment located in the safe area. It limits the energy to the hazardous area such that, even under a fault condition, there cannot be enough electrical or thermal energy released from the safe area into the hazardous area to ignite an explosive atmosphere.

Because associated apparatus from Moore Industries include a built-in associated IS barrier in its front end, there is no need for the additional cost of a barrier, cabinet space, a high integrity clean ground connection, separate power supply or custom vendor backplane. This dramatically reduces the cost of purchase, installation and long-term maintenance.

You can now directly  connect devices or sensors located in Class I Div 1/Zone 0/1 hazardous areas in plants or facilities where the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety with Moore Industries products that include the Associated IS capability.

Read our technical paper on associated apparatus: Associated Apparatus: The Safe and Most Affordable IS Solution