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EHELP: Application for an Analog Splitter

EHELP: Application for an Analog Splitter

Q. I have an application that requires an analog splitter. The single input signal to the splitter comes from a transducer, and the transducer requires loop power. The two outputs are going to an active analog monitoring card on a PLC, which provides power to the connected 4-20mA signals. Is the ECT what I need?

Published: February 9, 2017

Moore Industries Spotlight: Alarms

Moore Industries Spotlight: Alarms

Moore Industries has been designing and manufacturing alarms since 1968 (read our recent blog on our presence in the process instrumentation industry: Moore Industries: A History of Innovation and Safety). Our alarms have evolved from simple high/low logic devices to highly flexible PC-programmable devices extending into IEC 61508 Functional Safety and Intrinsically-Safe (IS) methods of protection. To learn about Moore Industries’ alarm products, visit our Limit Alarm Trips and Switches Product Information Page.

Published: May 20, 2016

E-HELP: Isolating Feedback on VFDs

E-HELP: Isolating Feedback on VFDs
Q: We are a boiler/burner company dealing with a rising amount of computer-based burner controls. We have installed several and have some blowers that are controlled by VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). We have run into issues with noise on certain systems. We get occasional problems with 4-20mA feedback from the VFD despite going through the proper grounding techniques. We are wondering if installing an opto isolator on the feedback loop might eliminate our issue. We have used the SIX Signal Isolator many times on the signal going to the VFD to offset impedance issues on the VFD. Can we put an opto isolator on both signals?
Published: October 9, 2015

Boosting Signals With the ECT

Boosting Signals With the ECT
Q: I have an application where we are getting a very weak 4-20mA signal back to the pump control panel. Will using an ECT unit (model ECT/4-20MA/4-20MA/117AC-TX (ECD) help to boost my signal at all?
Published: August 25, 2015