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Hydraulic Safety Pressure Switch on Mine Winder

Hydraulic Safety Pressure Switch on Mine Winder


Industry: Mining & Metal Refining

The Problem

Properly working underground coal mine hydraulics, used to operate the control of the braking system of the winder, is vital when moving mine personnel underground or bringing them to the surface. It is extremely important to ensure that the machine is stopped if low or high pressure is detected on line from the hydraulic pump that operates the winder. With personnel safety involved we can't afford any cable slip. 

Published: March 12, 2018

Reliability Success Story: EC-DCA

Reliability Success Story: EC-DCA
Published: February 20, 2018

Alarm Trip 1-out-of-2 Voting with High Availability

Alarm Trip 1-out-of-2 Voting with High Availability
A customer has a Safety Instrumented Function they need to implement with two independent level transmitters (radar), each wired to a separate STA Functional Safety Trip Alarm. The process will trip if either level reaches the set point, for example a 1 out of 2 (1oo2) voting. However, if the alarm trip (STA) detects an input or unit fault. The customer did not want the process to trip. Instead they wanted to take the faulty unit out of service leaving the process running with the one good level and alarm trip. 
Published: November 28, 2017

Detailed Description of Converting Dry Contacts to Analog Signals

Before converting a dry contact to an analog signal it is important to first determine what signal levels you will need.  Since the TMZ accepts a 4-20mA signal then we can choose any current values within 4mA and 20mA.  For this application we chose 'NOT FULL' to be equal to 20mA, and “NEAR FULL” to be represented at 4mA. 


Published: October 11, 2017